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Sawani has performed in all prestigious music festivals all over India and worldwide

Classical Music

India is a culturally very rich country. In spite of constant foreign invasions, it still has managed to preserve its culture and traditions till date. Indian classical music is an important part of this county’s rich musical tradition.

Music and nature are very closely related. Indian culture believes that music evolved from nature’s various aspects like the imitation of the sounds of various birds and animals. Man began imitating them first and later with his highly developed brain power, developed music as his effective means of expressing emotions that he experienced in life like happiness, sorrow, excitement, belief in God, love for nature etc.

Thus came in existence the seven notes or Swaras(Sa, Re Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha, Ni, Sa) in Indian music. We find references in many traditional Indian books about the evolution of the seven Swaras in Indian music. These seven Swaras with their higher and lower variations actually form twelve basic notes in which dwells the entire world of Indian Classical Music.

Various combinations of these 12 notes form the Ragas. There are two main streams in Indian classical music: Hindustani style (North Indian Classical Style) and the Karnatak style (South Indian Classical Style).

Each style has some common aspects yet having their own set of rules and regulations and distinguished styles of singing or playing instruments.

Hindustani classical music was an art which was cherished by the then Rajas and Maharajas in their royal courts. Its believed that Gopal Nayak was the founder of Indian classical music.There were many musicians appointed at the service of various Maharajas to entertain them with rich music; each one known for his own distinctive style of singing.Each style came to be known as a Gharana.There are several Gharans in the Hindustani classical style of music like the Kirana Gharana, Gwalior Gharana, Jaipur, Patiyala, Agra, Bhendibazar, Mevati, etc.

Like the classical music tradition, there were also lighter forms of music that evolved from nation’s rich musical tradtion. Thumri, Dadra( semi classical forms of music), folk music (music of the respective parts of India)Bhajans, Keertans(Devotional music of India).

Films are also a major part of Indian culture. Thus Film music has also given immense joy of poetry and musical compositions for decades to Indians and music lovers all over the globe.