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Sawani has performed in all prestigious music festivals all over India and worldwide

The Journery

Musical blessings at home

Sawani was born on 18th August 1979 in a musically rich family. Sawani has been very fortunate to have her father and grandmother as her Gurus too. Sawani’s grandmother, Smt.Kusum Shende , herself a noted singer of the Kirana Gharana and an honoured artist of the Sangeet Natak Era acquired Hindustani Classical music lessons from the two great sister maestros of the Kirana Gharana, Smt.Hirabai Badodekarji and Smt.Saraswatibai Raneji. She also got to learn many Ragas and compositions from Pandit Chota Gandharvaji. She was also a disciple of Smt.Shobha Gurtuji who introduced her to a whole new world of semi classical music and taught her innumerable Thumris and Dadras.Sawani’s father, Pandit Sanjeev Shende, who learnt classical music from his mother, also had the privilege later to receive semi classical guidance from Smt. Shobha Gurtuji and Pandit Ajay Pohankar. Thus Sawani was amidst rich musical notes, right from her childhood.Sawani used to happily sit for hours together listening to her grandmother teaching many disciples.

She grasped the musical combinations with ease, even though they were not directly taught to her.Sawani’s parents and her grandmother noticed Sawani’s interest in music and decided to start teaching her. Thus at the tender age of six, Sawani’s musical journey began with long hours of daily ‘Riyaz’ under the expertise of her grandmother and father.Sawani was God gifted with an intense‘Sur’ and ‘Taal’sense. She grasped the detailed nuances of Raga grammar with ease.

Musical vision

Sawani often feels that her grandmother has such a vast treasure of music that she can never really learn everything.Kusumtai always encouraged Sawani to hear music of all Gharanas, all artists.She always believes that an artist learns a lot even by listening to masters who have sacrificed their lives to music. Art is always greater than an artist.

Sawani’s father,Pandit Sanjeev Shende gave Sawani a very aesthetic vision to look at music.He believes that ‘Sur’ is a universal truth and a beautiful note touches your heart for sure whether be it in a classical form, a semi classical or a light music form. He has himself composed many melodious semi classical compositions and along with Sawani is teaching innumerable students to share his happiness with all and also keep alive this rich musical tradition.

Guidance from Veena Sahasrabuddhe

Quest for more and more knowledge in music brought Sawani to learn more music under the expert guidance of Dr. Smt.Veena Sahastrabuddhe, a noted classical vocalist from Gwalior Gharana. Sawani got to learn lots of different Ragas, Taan patterns and Taranas from her.Under her tutilage,Sawani also got to learn more professional details to make her singing only more perfect.Veenatai taught her with great passion as she loved the sincerity and talent of this young student of hers.