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Sawani has performed in all prestigious music festivals all over India and worldwide

Moral Support

Precious moral support from home
Sawani’s musical career has blossomed throughout with her Gurus to guide her always. But she always admits with great love that she couldn’t have reached to such a height in music without the intense moral support of her mother.Sawani’s mother, Mrs.Medha Shende , a post graduate in Social Work and having worked in this field for about twenty-five years, took lot of pains to groom both her siblings, Sawani and Bela in their musical career, also balancing her own career on one side and looking after every small thing to make her home a perfect sweet home.

It is not very easy initially for any child to sacrifice the most precious playtime and concentrate on long hours of music practice after school.Education is also given utmost importance along with music in this family of rich medical background along with great musicians. It was always very exhausting to put in lot of efforts in music and education at that tender age, leaving no time for Sawani to actually experience the little joys of a normal childhood.Her mother made her understand the fact that all this hard work and sacrifice will definitely make her unique in the long run.She was constantly by her side in all those delicate moments in her life.It was only due to her that Sawani excelled in both music as well as studies to maintain the distinction level right upto MCom.

Sawani now is blessed with very loving in-laws too. Her husband Nikhil and her in-laws are great lovers of classical music and wish that Sawani continues her musical career with the same zeal as before. They support her in every way. Its very necessary for an artist to have peace of mind while pursuing a musical career. Music lovers always sense that peace of mind in Sawani’s performance.