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Sawani has performed in all prestigious music festivals all over India and worldwide


Sawani is of course known as a leading classical music vocalist worldwide.But besides her full fledge Hindustani classical concerts, she also offers the following programs for music lovers which have been appreciated by audiences a lot.

  1. ´Deha Bharila Vitthal´ a complete program of Marathi devotional compositions with most of the compositions by Sawani herself.
  2. ´Saguna Nirguna´ a program of Marathi devotional genres by Sawani and Bela.
  3. A full program of Hindi Bhajans which includes verses of Sant Meerabai and Sant Kabir,etc.
  4. ´Sangeet Sarita´ a program based on classical Ragas and film songs along with her sister and renowned playback singer of today, Bela Shende. Sawani sings a small composition in a particular Raga for about 7 mins and then Bela renders a popular film song or even a non film number based on the same Raga. The intention of the program is not to give heavy classical doses to the audience but introduce them to both the melodious fields of Indian music on a single stage. It also lightly educates the audience.
  5. A complete semi classical concert which includes Thumris, dadras. Hori, Kajri, some Marathi or Urdu Ghazals etc.